It’s about that time of year for Spring cleaning, but not only in your household it’s also time to get your HVAC in the list for Spring 2018. It is essential that you service your unit on a timely basis and make sure that your unit is running up to par since its installation date. You don’t want to run into any issues once Summer starts to approach!


There are several items to keep in mind for the commencement of your Spring of 2018. Remember to clean and change your filters; changing your filters regularly can maintain your unit running smoothly which can prevent clogs as well. If you don’t change your air filter habitually, dust and dirt will build up to the point where it will impede your airflow.


Your list will need to include the lubricating of all moving parts of your system as well as tightening all electrical connections which will prevent any faulty operations of your system.


Our Florida Cooling Air Conditioning, Inc. technicians are here to assist you with a preseason check that will allow your ac system to continue to function properly as well as conserve the life of your unit throughout the season. A Spring clean is always welcomed to your HVAC system this will help maintain the interior and exterior system clean and running properly and not to forget proper inspection of refrigerant levels.


Here at Florida Cooling Air Conditioning, Inc. we will assist with your Spring 2018 HVAC checklist as well as other services that are offered by our experts like ac repair in Miami, ductwork in Miami as well as ac installation in Miami.


We are dedicated to our customers and their HVAC needs, call us today for further assistance and remember “Keep it Cool South Florida!”