Although we sell, install and service all makes and models of air conditioners, there’s something different about a Trane® air conditioner. Trane® delivers more than assembled pieces and parts. They deliver products that use the most innovative cooling technology available today; and, Trane® manufactures those products with the tightest specifications and highest standards. Let a Direct Air Conditioning help you select the perfect Trane® model with the benefits that best fit your budget.

Trane Air Conditioner

Ever since Trane had its early beginnings, the Trane name has been associated with innovative product design. The first units began to appear in restaurants, department stores, factories, and movie theaters during the 1930s.

Then in the 1940’s, Trane implemented its proven technologies in air conditioning, heating, and process cooling to create products such as the Trane Aircraft Intercooler for the US armed forces, which was a major breakthrough of the time period that allowed pilots to fly their aircraft faster and higher than ever before.

Currently, Trane offers a whole range of HVAC products for residential, commercial, and industrial buildings. Popular Mechanics rated Trane’s Comfort Link II “One of the most trans formative products of 2010.”Trane’s commitment to superior quality and reliability paired with exceptional service remains unrivaled, and as of 2013, Trane will be celebrating 100 years of technological advancements and engineering achievements, and we look forward to continuing that legacy into the future. Today, Trane is Consumer reports number 1 brand.

 We Support Your Current Trane Warranty:

Regardless of where you purchased your Trane air conditioner, we will honor the terms of your warranty as long as you registered your product within 60 days from the day of installation. Discuss with your dealer what the warranty specifies on your particular model.

We take pride in installing Trane air conditioners and performing Trane ac repair and maintenance for our customers throughout the Miami area, and our trained technicians are authorized to work on any Trane model. We are authorized to install new Trane AC units and provide them at wholesale prices to our customers. When we perform Trane ac repair, all of the parts are in stock and ready to go.

 Extended Coverage:

You can get extended coverage for your Trane air conditioner unit purchased from an Miami Trane dealer that offers years of protection. Plans include 1 through 5 year parts and labor or parts only options and there is full transferability on the unit should it ever be sold. Warranties of up to ten years are also available.

If you haven’t purchased an extended warranty, don’t worry because they can still be purchased on units that are less than 5 years old. Remember to keep up with the routine maintenance; repairs that are needed due to lack of maintenance will not be covered by your warranty.

Authorized Miami Trane dealers

If you ever experience any difficulties with your Trane air conditioner, give us a call; we offer Trane ac repair emergency services. Our HVAC technicians will come to your location at any time. We are authorized Trane dealers and have everything in stock and on hand, so we can repair any Trane AC model. We also offer wholesale prices to our customers on all Trane air conditioner installations;

Routine Maintenance:

One of the best things that you can do to keep you Trane Air Conditioner in top running condition is to change the filters every 30 days or so. This will prevent dust and dirt from building up on the coils and help the compressor and fans function more effectively. Routine maintenance should include an annual inspection from an authorized Trane technician as well.

Recommendations on Trane models for the Miami Area:

The Performance Trane Air Conditioner Model XVi 15 – 20 Seer models are ideal for the hot summer days in Miami

For reliable Trane air Conditioner repair give us a call today, and remember that we offer competitive pricing, fast response times and operate around the clock.