Carrier air conditioner knows air conditioning. After all, we invented it—and we’ve been perfecting central air conditioners for over a hundred years. Carrier Air Conditioner advanced Infinity® Series offers our highest efficiency in central air conditioning, while our Performance™ Series and Comfort™ Series products provide economical efficiency and complete comfort.

Since 1902 when Willis Carrier the founder of the Carrier brand of equipment managed to control indoor environments through air conditioning, the trail of inventions at Carrier  Air Conditioner Corporation has never looked back. Throughout the entire 20th century up to date, countless households and industries have benefited in terms of increased productivity, comfort and health from these systems.

Today, Carrier Air Conditioner sits among the top in the HVAC industry and it is a brand whose presence has spread throughout the world. It is dedicated to providing productive and comfortable environments irrespective of the climate.

Industry Leader

From the very beginning, the Carrier Air Conditioner brand has led the industry through its innovative products and in setting standards for environmental responsibility. As from 1994, Carrier Air Conditioner has championed for ozone friendly refrigerants while at the same time introducing energy efficient heating, refrigeration and air conditioning solutions. Environmental protection and sustainability has been one of the central tenets in Carrier’s Air Conditioner business model.

Customer Oriented Products

By providing global solutions across a wide range of HVAC applications, Carrier Air Conditioner has ensured residential comfort for millions of people, building solutions that help industrial entities in efficient energy utilization and refrigeration solutions for the commercial beverage and food service sectors. All these applications are built based on the next-generation technologies.

Carrier’s Core Values

In carrying out its business, Carrier is guided by a set of core values which include:

Quality – This defines their product and service excellence.

Performance – Carrier strives to continuously improve the efficiency of its products through innovative approaches.

Responsibility – Through integrity and high ethical standards, the company has managed to remain environmentally responsible and sustainable in all its operations. It cares for both its customers and the society at large.

Innovation – Research and development sits at the center of the innovation approaches used by Carrier. This is a heritage that inspires them to generate powerful and marketable ideas.

Customer Care – As an industry leader, Carrier attaches a strong value to its customers and as such, it has invested in avenues and approaches that guarantee customer satisfaction.

Florida cooling ac– Authorized Carrier Distributors in Miami

Our company has been partnering with Carrier Air Conditioner in providing HVAC solutions and support services to the residents of Florida. We are authorized distributors of the Carrier brand in Miami which means that you can buy Carrier Air Conditioner equipment from us at wholesale prices. We offer air conditioners, heat pumps, geothermal heat pumps, ductless systems, gas furnaces, oil furnaces, boilers, fan coils, evaporator coils, air cleaners, humidifiers, UV lamps and ventilators.

Carrier Warranty

We honor the warranty terms of your Carrier Air Conditioner installed system regardless of where you purchased it from. As long as the product was registered upon installation and all the warranty provisions safeguarded, we shall give you full service in line with the warranty.

We are known throughout Miami for our expertise in installing and repairing Carrier Air Conditioner equipment. We have a team of trained technicians that have the certifications and authorizations required to work on any Carrier model.

Routine Maintenance

At Florida Cooling Air Conditioning Inc., we offer scheduled service plans on all Carrier Air Conditioner equipment to ensure that it always in top running conditions. Out technicians will change your filters, check the refrigerant, clean the coils to make them dirt and dust free and inspect your fans. The routine maintenance we offer includes an annual inspection done by an authorized Carrier technician.

For any inquiries on the Carrier Air Conditioner Unit or call to service, contact us today!