When it comes to the hiring the right HVAC Contractor there are a few key things to keep in mind. One must be very cautious of who to hire and if the person has previous experience in the industry.


Helpful Tips



  • Licensed and Insured.


If a contractor is not licensed they are unable to obtain insurance for their work. When an HVAC job requires for a permit to be issued you need to be sure you hire an air conditioning company in Miami that is fully licensed and insured in order for your job to proceed to final inspection and pass all requirements by Miami Dade County.



  • Referrals are Always Welcomed!


At times, we may have difficulty looking for a specific company in an industry we are not too familiar with. Referrals are always welcomed by colleagues, friends and family members.  We may feel at peace when someone that is being recommend by a loved one is entering your business or home. Florida Cooling Air Conditioning, Inc. provides you with assurance as well being an active participating licensed and insured air conditioning company in Miami.


  1. All Must be in Writing.

Once you contact an HVAC company for an estimate make sure that all information for replacement, maintenance or installation is recorded on your proposal/ invoice correctly for any discrepancies’ there may be in the future. Once all information is agreed on make sure contractor and yourself as client signs appropriate paperwork with correct scope of work, model numbers as well as warranty is clearly stated.


Florida Cooling Air Conditioning, Inc. is here to assist you with air conditioning repair, installation and air conditioning maintenance in Miami. For over the course of 15 years Florida Cooling Air Conditioning has been loyally serving South Florida.