How do you really know if it is the correct time to upgrade your HVAC unit? There are numerous signs that let you know it’s about that time you call your local HVAC experts and have a chat with them. This is not an everyday investment, but once it is time to replace your existing AC unit you may start to wonder what AC unit is correct for your property as well as what brand.


There are various signs that demonstrate that you are in dear necessity:


Time length of existing A/C unit.

If your unit is over 10 years old then it’s time to start thinking about a replacement. Florida Cooling Air Conditioning, Inc. can gladly assist you with your a/c replacement in Miami. Our team of experts will provide a full diagnosis and educate our clients on what are the best options available to them.


Sky high monthly energy bills?

Have you been noticing that your monthly energy increases every month? One of the few reasons why this may be occurring in your household is because your HVAC unit is not functioning properly. One thing to keep in mind is choosing the correct SEER rating for your unit depending on the square footage of your property, this will also decrease your bill and start saving you extra cash!


Too many tech visits?
Are you calling your local HVAC experts constantly for repair? One of the main essentials of a home is having a proper A/C unit installed and running smoothly at all times. If you start to notice that your unit is making strange noises and you are constantly needing an HVAC expert at your home then it is time you think about a replacement. Contact FL Cooling A/C and an expert will be there to assist you with AC replacement in Miami.  


Florida Cooling Air Conditioning, Inc. is here to assist you with all you’re AC replacements in Miami. Our team is licensed and insured and ready to conduct your new replacement today!